Perhaps the best known events associated with Bookmarks are its sponsored book sales held several times a year. The organization's goal, however, exceeds the sale of books. Offering a sense of community to Verde Valley residents through events and programs is what truly inspires the group.


Volunteers are always heartened to observe patron interaction during their time at the library. From spontaneous book discussions to a chance encounter with an old friend, the library goes far beyond being a place to check out books. Opportunities such as summer reading programs and the offering of a conversational Spanish class help bring together divergent members of the Verde Valley community. Additionally, new programs are being developed with the goal of increasing our outreach to local residents.

We hope you will bookmark this website so that you may be informed of future upcoming events sponsored by Bookmarks.


Libraries Rock

Libraries Rock is the theme of this year’s Summer Reading Program, an activity sponsored by Bookmarks through funds raised at the annual Comic Expo event. This year’s theme is meant to highlight music and the science of sound. 

Registration is ongoing for all programs and the official kick off date is Monday, June 4Bookshelf Bingo is the adult component of this program and bingo cards will be available on the fourth of June. The program will run for seven weeks, ending on Saturday, July 21.

Besides Bookshop Bingo, there are summer reading opportunities for all age levels. For more information, please visit the following website address:

In addition to increasing reading for all age groups, there are also tangible benefits to participating in the summer reading programs. Prizes will be awarded in many different categories and raffle drawings will take place. Stop by the library's assisted checkout area and view the prizes in the nearby display case.

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recently added to the library's collection in memory of Ellis Price.